Thursday, August 1, 2013

Coping with the Rough Days

 Katrina A. Taylor, Columnist,

Coping with the Rough Days

We, as the famous MS’ers have it rough most of our days. What do we do on our good days? Truth be told, we push ourselves as hard as we can and enjoy the hell out of it! Do we have regrets on our bad days (Which one of our bad days is usually the very next day after our good day)? Hell no! This is expected for the most part. This cycle is our life. Do we enjoy this cycle? Absolutely NOT! Who in his/her right mind would? Nobody, of course!

What happens when rough days come when we don’t see these days coming? It’s difficult when we are blinded by this happening in our lives. It’s very difficult to make plans and to care for our family and ourselves. Responsibilities don’t stop on our rough days.

So what do we do? That is the hardest question to answer. Support is the key to success with living
with multiple sclerosis. Unfortunately, support has his/her own responsibilities and this is what makes these days frustrating and lonely.Recovering is essential and so is a close relationship with your neurologist. Did I hear a groan when I mentioned neurologist? I know, some neurologists aren’t too pleasant.

What flares multiple sclerosis? Overexertion, heat, infection, stress are to name the most common when there aren’t any new or active lesions. We have to fix the problem(s) and recover to feel better! Calm down, cool down, rest, rid of infection, and if this doesn’t work, it’s time to call the neurologist to find out what’s going on with the multiple sclerosis. The biggest way to cope is to talk, talk, and talk to your support team. Most of my biggest help is my family and friends. When I reach out to others with multiple sclerosis, I get a strong support from others who know exactly what I go through. It’s nice to have this wonderful circle of friends who can be there is a very special way, because these special individuals completely understand. It’s the understanding at that level that is so therapeutic and helps with the coping. Strength through others who understand is the best therapy, the best coping for these difficult days that will be a part of our lives.

 We are stronger together. We are all strong, even when we don’t feel like we are very strong. Remember we are all in this together.

 Stay Strong & Keep Fighting!

 Katrina A. Taylor