Tuesday, September 3, 2013


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My Tears II
The night comes and shakes me to my core,
Tonight is much worse than the night before.
I am breathing but still I cannot get any air;
I feel alone and feel there is nobody to care.
I can hear my heart pounding in my ears;
Intensity overwhelms and now pours the tears.


Anxiety. It comes for many people it night. What causes the anxiety? Many are not sure of the triggers. Will a journal help? Sure, it can help with getting the feelings out and then it can be reviewed for a pattern. Maybe a trigger can be discovered and if a person is in counseling, it can helpful for the therapist.

Anxiety may be a result of a mental disorder, physical condition, medication effects, or from all of these. There are some common causes of anxiety, it varies in everyone.

Here's 4 mental disorders which include anxiety:
1.    Panic Disorder
2.    Generalized Anxiety Disorder
3.    Phobic Disorders
4.    Stress Disorders

10 Common factors that contribute to stress and anxiety.
1.    Work
2.    School
3.    Personal Relationships
4.    Finances
5.    Emotional Trauma
6.    Medical Illness
7.    Side effect of medication
8.    Illicit drug use
9.    Medical Illness symptom (Heart Attack, Heat Stroke)
10.    Lack of oxygen

There are specially designed interview and assessments to help determine if a disorder is present. Medical causes should be eliminated first!

The very first step is knowing something is just not quite right and the second step if getting the help that you deserve. Once the correct diagnosis, then treatment can begin so you can get your life back. The earlier, the better. A psychiatrist is best for diagnosing and treating mental disorders. Yes, these disorders are as serious as a heart condition or kidney disease. Some people do not believe this to be true, but it simply is the truth. Privacy is respected; therefore do not be worried about the information getting out.

Treatment will include therapy to help with coping skills to help reduce anxiety, identify possibly triggers for the anxiety, and getting emotions out help the mind. Possibly, medications may be helpful in dealing with stress and anxiety.

If you feel you’re having stress and anxiety that you need help with, contact your doctor!